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SmartOysters was founded by Ewan McAsh and Philip Browning with the goal of ‘getting the farmer off the farm’ and ensuring the farm business is digital-ready. It has achieved just that and has since bought on expertise in data analytics and data strategy through Dennis Claridge and James Horton.

Ewan McAsh
Ewan McAshMcAsh Oysters
Marine Scientist
14 years Oyster farming
Nuffield Farming Scholar (2012)
Founder of Signature Oysters (2015)
Founder of SmartOysters (2017)
Founder of OysterLife Farm Management (2018)
Ewan has pioneered key innovations and the McAsh family have been the first to adopt many of the practices that have subsequently become standard within the NSW oyster industry.
He has won recognition and respect beyond the industry for his pioneering of farm based provenance and direct to consumer and restaurant marketing initiatives via Signature Oysters Pty. Ltd.
Ewan is a visible face within the Oyster industry, he regularly appears in the media and TV programs such as ABC Landline. He is often personally requested to attend food and oyster festivals.
For Ewan, SmartOysters represents a final piece of the puzzle – the ability to scale farm and farmer based collaboration so that oyster farming is not constrained by geography.
Ewan has recently launched the new share farm initiative OysterLife www.oysterlifemgmt.com using the SmartOysters platform.
Philip Browning
Philip BrowningEnvironmental Scientist specialising in hydrogeology
He subsequently spent 25 years in a corporate career as a strategist and trusted advisor at board and CEO level; advising on large social infrastructure and Information, communications and technology programs for government and not for profit organisations.

For Philip, SmartOysters is the manifestation of 20 years of strategic thinking and the experiences of advising on strategic change and digital disruption. SmartOysters embodies lessons of employee engagement, data ownership and governance learnt while working in the health and wider human services sectors. It is a platform that totally transforms an entire industry.
Philip holds an honours science degree (major environmental science/hydrogeology), post graduate degrees in HRM and IR and a Master’s Degree in Management as well as qualifications from the Institute of Company Directors.

Mark Mills
Mark MillsGeneration Investment & Signature Oysters
Mark has built his career on the idea that environmental issues are important to investment outcomes. In the early 90’s, Mark a partner designed a rating system to assess the environmental performance of businesses in order to develop investment funds. In 1999 they established an investment business in Australia based on a broader environmental, social and governance rating system. In 2005 Mark and his family moved to London where he helped establish Generation Investment Management with renown climate change activist & former Vice President Al Gore . Mark remains a partner of the firm, which pioneered what is known today as sustainable investing. As chairman of Signature Oysters he is proud to be associated with the provision of premium oysters, one of the few truly sustainable forms of aquaculture. Mark is a shareholder of SmartOysters, a friend, mentor and financial backer of Ewan McAsh.
Dennis Claridge
Dennis ClaridgedoubleIQ
Founded in 2000 by Dennis Claridge & Mark Stammers. DoubleIQ works with some of the largest customers in Australia building large scale web based data intensive applications. DoubleIQ employees a team of 25 and is based in Melbourne CBD.

DoubleIQ has built a large scale data environment from the ground up, hand picking selected technologies along the way. This means we can customise quickly and cost effectively to meet your needs no matter what they are.

The hallmark of Dennis’s career has been in leading the successful implementation of ground breaking and innovative projects, that require substantial development and introduction of new technology, processes and people. SmartOysters is his latest project

DoubleIQ provides on-going IT development and operational support for SmartOysters.

‘getting the farmer off the farm’

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