SmartOysters is a Software as a Service (SaaS) collaborative farming platform for the oyster and related aquaculture industries.

It enables each farmer to manage and own their own data whilst also sharing data and workflows for collaborative farming practices; industry research and benchmarking.

It enables farmers to undertake:

  • Oyster Stock Management and Scheduling
  • Lease Asset Management and Machinery Maintenance
  • Environmental Management System Hazard and Risk Management
  • Data Analytics, Forecasting and Reporting

Advanced features of the platform enable one to one farm collaboration and data sharing, through to one to many and many to many communication channels – thus connecting farmers with each other and directly to wholesalers, restaurants and consumers. The platform has been designed to be agnostic to individual farmer groups, wholesale and direct to market supply chains thus enabling adoption across the industry as a whole.

Historically, there were two strategic business options for the oyster supply chain; one was aggregation of supply through farmer cooperatives and the other was vertical integration by direct corporate investment and ownership.

SmartOysters demonstrates the alternative future which combines the latest digital technologies, platform thinking and farmer ownership of data.

Individual farm based and government departmental tools, sensor feeds and GIS data can all be integrated into the SmartOysters platform.