Process to Use SmartOysters

To use SmartOysters a farm has to have its specific information (about leases, lease infrasture cropping methods etc) inputted into the application. This is called “onboarding”.

The mobile application is freely available from Apple Istore and Google Play. In downloading this you are downloading the application without specific data or content relevant to you.  We onboard farms by collecting farm specific data by on-line forms, telephone surveys and/or via onsite visits.  This process is undertaken and paid for upfront prior to stocktaking.


SmartOysters has been available in the Apple Istore and Google Play since November 2016. It has been commercially available for use from March 2017.

SmartOysters is collaborating with an early adopter cohort of farmers who have signed bespoke contract agreements to benefit from the early adoption of the platform. These farmers are also committed to and will benefit from contributing to the development of future platform features.

Early adopter farmers are by nature those who are industry leaders, influencers and innovators and are contributing to the future development and data governance of the platform.