SmartOysters is a direct result of the collaboration between its two Founders and an ever growing community of partners, staff and farmers. Our key people include:

Ewan McAsh, Director.

Ewan is a recognised entrepreneur and innovator within the oyster industry. He has pioneered key innovations and the McAsh family have been the first to adopt many of the practices that have subsequently become standard within the industry.

He has won recognition and respect beyond the industry for his pioneering of farm based provenance and direct to consumer and restaurant marketing initiatives via Signature Oysters Pty. Ltd.

Ewan is a visible face within and of the Oyster industry, he regularly appears in the media and TV programs such as ABC Landline. He is often personally requested to attend food and oyster festivals.

For Ewan, SmartOysters represents a final piece of the puzzle – the ability to scale farm and farmer based collaboration so that oyster farming is not constrained by geography.

SmartOysters was developed on the McAsh family farm during 2016 and was made commercially available to the industry in March 2017.

Ewan holds BSc (Marine Science) is a Nuffield Scholar (2013). During his Nuffield Scholarship he focused on the Strategic Direction of the NSW Oyster Industry.

Philip Browning, Director.

Philip originally trained as an environmental scientist specialising in hydrogeology.

He subsequently spent 25 years in a corporate career as a strategist and trusted advisor at board and CEO level; including advising on large social infrastructure and ICT programs. He also guided one of the largest and more significant corporate governance and strategy bodies of work that established one of Australia’s largest not for profit organisations.

For Philip, SmartOysters is the manifestation of 20 years of strategic thinking and the experiences of advising on strategic change and digital disruption. SmartOysters is a platform that totally transforms an entire industry. It embodies lessons of data ownership and governance learnt from but not implemented during times in the health and wider human services sectors.

SmartOysters is the bringing to life of the original conversation and vision between Ewan and Philip – that one day agriculture and oyster farming would be a digital business.

Philip holds an honours science degree (major environmental science/hydrogeology), post graduate degrees in HRM and IR and a Master’s Degree in Management as well as qualifications from the Institute of Company Directors.

Colin Bridges, Business Development Manager.

Col has more than 28 years’ experience working throughout the UK, New Zealand & Australia in the environmental sector in fields as diverse as aquaculture, forestry, lake management, & local government.

He is rapidly making himself known throughout the Australian & international aquaculture industry as a passionate advocate for the use of technology in farming enterprises.

For Col, SmartOysters represents the future of aquaculture. It will future proof enterprises and provide operators with an unprecedented level of control.
Col holds a BSc Environmental Science & Technology from Exeter University in the UK. He also has a range of other qualifications and competencies that benefit our customers and our company.